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Tina Kay is a super busty natural model from Lithuania. She is pretty tall, and has some just perfect nice and soft curves on her body that is all woman. Tina was also blessed with an amazing pair of big D cup natural tits as well. We have seen Tina in both lesbian and solo scenes, where we tend to prefer her solo glamour work. It's always pretty hot to see such a hot model as Tina pleasuring herself with her fingers or a big toy.

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Date added: 07-30-2020 Rating:
Like 138
Dislike 7
Date added: 07-20-2019 Rating:
Like 146
Dislike 11
Date added: 04-23-2019 Rating:
Like 104
Dislike 11
Date added: 01-10-2019 Rating:
Like 159
Dislike 8
Date added: 01-01-2019 Rating:
Like 76
Dislike 6
Date added: 06-16-2018 Rating:
Like 119
Dislike 6
Date added: 04-25-2018 Rating:
Like 57
Dislike 7
Date added: 04-08-2018 Rating:
Like 80
Dislike 5
Date added: 01-31-2018 Rating:
Like 67
Dislike 6
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